Omega 13: Episode 05: Gigli (2003)

The Gist

Buried inside this unfortunate example of studio’s not trusting their director over a few jobless randoms at a mall theatre may have doomed a celebrated director to a life of solitude. Where is Michael Brest? Perhaps, one day someone will uncover the original footage and release the director’s cut- maybe it won’t be that much better, but poor Michael at least would be judged for his movie and not a Burrough’s style cut-up of scenes that barely work together.

With Affleck and Lopez giving some wonderful performances, and surrounded by a cast of wonderfully secondaries there is many great moments in this film that no one even gave a chance. If anything, these Omega 13s have shown me is that almost all the larger flops were not due to the director and writer failing but studio execs proving how little they know about story, character, and film, at all. 

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James C.