Omega 13: Episode 08: Catwoman (2004)

The Gist

All in all, Catwoman was not the movie audiences expected, and once Batman Begins came out a year later comic fans, and movie fans alike had come to the decision that too much silly was not welcome in our Comic movies… unless they are meant to be full on satire like the Adam West series. We will never know for sure if Catwoman the film was all Pitof’s fault or just another film broke by the out of touch muckity mucks in the suits reading projections, and nelson ratings, and banging out numbers in spreadsheets. Although, for my money I suspect it was about 70/30 in leaving on the Producers. A film that would be perfect to put on for anyone’s kids, 6 to 11, a perfect child’s birthday party movie; noting offensive to keep them up at night, but enough fights, and VFX to keep them entertained for 90 minutes.

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James C.