Omega 13: Episode 10: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)

The Gist

A film that begins with Kirk trying to convince Spock, and Bones to sing “Row Your Boat” as they commune with nature, ends, after all of that, with the three uproariously singing said song not! on some metal mechanical man-made marvel, but among the natural wonders of the world. Fitting bookends on a film that on the surface seems a comedic one-off episode, yet also is trying to say that, okay, maybe we don’t need God anymore, if he indeed did exist, but we will not soon forget what He, or Mother Nature, or well organized space organisms, created on this swirling, blue, oblate spheroid, are wondrously majestic and beautiful. That regardless of what faith you follow, life is pretty damn great.

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James C.