#FastFiction - Dec 15

I was sitting around doing not much when Natty came in and stood right in front of the TV- he just stood there out of breath and either waiting for me to ask him what he was doing or he was out of breath probably both. This is all a little weird since he was only here a minute ago telling me his life was shit and he needed to make some better life choices after eating all my Cheerios dry out of the box. I bite and ask what was the deal. He said he found a Time Machine. I said Fuck off. And he said no I found one out on the road someone threw it out of their window as they drove past me. I said in the last five minutes this happened to you why are you out of breath? and he said I found it on the street outside but I have actually been gone a full day. He continued, I saw a Dinosaur, that is why I am out of breath. He walked slowly towards me in a kind of ominous way and I leaned closer on the edge of my chair. He said there were dinosaurs in BC. Dinosaurs. Now Natty was the kind of guy who would tell you that he didn't lie he just told stories that he believed so I was dubious at best. Show me how this thing works. It looked like a an opened lightsaber silver and black with buttons and chunks of metal and wire in places. Natty stepped away from me and told me to hold his hand. I said if this is some retarded way to hold my hand he could have just asked nicely and not eaten all my cereal. He grabbed me and said where should we go. I said I don’t know France. He said it’s a Time Machine not an airplane. He said, What time should we go? I said 1939 any further back and we’d be eaten by Indians or like he said Dinosaurs. Natty thumbed a few dials on the cylinder and looked me in the eyes a little longer than comfortable and a bright light surrounded us and my living room was gone and we were in a field. The air was clean cleaner than I had ever smelled. I turned to Natty who had now tightened his grip on my hand. He was smiling a pained smile like a man holding in a fart on a first date but he was not happy. He was impaled on a fence. He had appeared in 1939 right where a pole had been and his 2014 self had melded with the wood. I do remember him laughing just a pinch before he was gone and dead. He let go of my hand and his other hand dropped the Time Machine and for a second I thought my buddy would be gone for good gone until I realized I had all the time in the world to fix this. All the time that ever was was mine to save Natty from death.

James C.