One Paragraph story... December 4 edition

Here’s the deal with my Ex Cindy: In the beginning I would have described her as an angel… with a little bit of devil inside. All cute-like, in a way she could make me feel like I was a million-dollar prize winner, and then- and I am talking just once in awhile- she’d just kinda change into someone else, or whatever. She’d disappear for a day or two and be back to her amazing self. You know, whatever- I know I need a day a week to myself to recharge; just a day to sleep in, watch some cartoons, and play a video game. So, who was I to judge. After a year of this we moved in together. My place. She had been living alone, and consistently spending more and more time at my place that the spare room closet was mostly her clothes anyway. The first month living together was like we were married. Going to bed together, giggles and extra touching. We made love more than ever, and we even opened a joint bank account. We were in for the long haul. Around Christmas of our first year living together was when I was paying a bit more attention to our finances -We both made good money, and there was never a real worry we would over spend- but the Four Thousand dollar cheque to some random guy was a red flag to me. Sure, I spent the occasional couple hundred on a book, or comic, but Four Grand was peculiar. When I asked she said it was an old bill from before we met, and she apologized that she forgot to tell me. Why would I think otherwise… until, after Christmas. That’s where the story gets good… or bad… I don’t really know what it gets, but that was when I found the secret room in the basement. Aside from laundry, and putting away or taking up, the Christmas decorations, I had no reason to go down there- but the furnace was making a weird noise and I was sure it was because the filter needed changing. In the dim of the basement is how I saw the light poking out from around a shelf. Pushing the shelf aside I found the stone door. It was unlocked, so I slid it open and the room was alight with candles. The far wall had a painting of a goat head, and a deus with a podium below- with a large tome on that. Old books on shelves, and in the centre of the floor was a pentagram- a pentagram, can you believe it- and in the centre of that was a brownish stain around a drain. I assumed blood- still do. Needless to say we broke up after that. She sued me for the house and won- seems there are quite a few prominent Satan worshippers in Rupert and one was a lawyer. Truth? The break up was quite easy, but the real reason I am telling you this- especially on our first date, is: Everyone has baggage, you have- what was his name? Peter who stole your vintage record player and the Al Green LPs, and I can relate, Cindy broke my heart and probably killed goats, and virgins in my basement. Anyway, with that out of the way, you can understand why I have some trust issues. Let’s eat, I hear the House Wine is wonderful.

James C.