One Paragraph Story... December 8 edition

Penny was in the midst of a story that seemed to be ramping up to something. Colin was barely listening as he picked up his mug of coffee and set it against his bottom lip as if he were drinking, but he did not take a sip. He had it there for most of her story in hopes of doing a spit take. After the Pacific Cinematheques’ marathon of Three Stooges, and Keystone Cops’ shorts he was fascinated with this forgotten affectation, of sorts. The serendipity of a comedic, or befuddling moment meeting the precise placement of fluids to mouth, ending in the participant adding a highlight of exclamation to the event. How he barely slept that night before work; pouring through youtube, and wikipedia in search of the first, the Patient Zero of Spit takes, finally landing on Danny Thomas in Make Room For Daddy. Almost tame by today’s standards Mr. Thomas changed the face of comedy when he introduced the world to this, soon to be old-hat, physical punctuation mark. How Colin longed for the days of simple comedy; the prat fall, the pun, the knowing look to the camera. Like a Norman Rockwell painting he filled the hours of 4am to 6am looking at himself in the mirror practicing this long lost art form, filming himself from multiple angles in hopes to find the most comedic. Watching, and analyzing his moves; perfecting his nearly inattentive visage so as to further punctuate the shock when the liquid explosion completes his Comedie Del Arte. Penny’s voice was wavering as she began to wind down, Colin heard: Father, Horrible, Murd…- and on the last word he launched into what would be considered the second most embarrassing disaster of Staples Office Supplies’ break room history, next to the time someone brought expired Chilli in to share and an industrial toilet cleaner was called in to fix the bathrooms. The coffee moved across the space between Colin and Penny slowly, while Colin’s brain caught up to what Penny had fully said, “And that is when I found my Father, the kitchen was horrible, he had been murdered.” Before the mug found its home on the table, Colin was already working out how to improve the next one.

James C.