One Paragraph Story... December 10 edition

He’d been seeing River for almost two years now, but Denver never once brought up how much he looked at porn. His sex life with River was great, he never felt like it was stale, she was GGG all the way- and so was he, but he found he couldn't broach the subject of all the times he masturbated. He was sure it had something to do with being caught by his mother when he was thirteen. How she spoke to him in that low, disappointed tone about how wrong it was that he did that to his body, and how she was ashamed of him. For weeks after she barely looked at him. The first time he had sex he almost didn't finish because he could hear his mother in the back of his head tut-tut-tutting while he clumsily climaxed and quickly put his pants back on without his underwear. He didn't pay for porn sites, he couldn't see the need; no matter what you were into, you could find it fast, and in multiples. Denver wasn't sure how he could explain to River that despite how much he jerked off, he was very much into her, and only her. That she was the one woman whom he wanted to ever be with. He never once even fantasized about Three-ways, or Orgies; just wasn’t his bag- he just liked to look at porn, and then sleep with one lady. Browsing through a subReddit he clicked a link for a NSFW redhead, and with his penis in hand, found he was looking in the eyes of River. She was fully nude, and was in a room he recognized as her old bedroom before she moved in, and she was with two guys whom he did not know. Denver wasn’t sure what to do next; should he finish up and forget it ever happened? the past is the past, or should he close out and ask her about it when she got home from work? How was the conversation going to start? Honey, I have to admit I practice onanism to pornography when you are at work, or Honey, I found a picture of you in a three-way with two random guys on the internet for all the world to see. Either way, he saved the picture to his hidden partition, and leaned back, deflated in more ways than one- then, got up and began making their anniversary dinner.

James C.