One Paragraph story... December 9 edition

After Papa Bear finished up his portion of Goldilocks he let Mama Bear and Baby Bear have their turn. He righted his Lazy Boy and sat down so as to assess the situation this troublesome girl had caused. She broke into their house -this much was clear- and if they had gone to court he was sure they could win, regardless that he and his family were Bears. It had taken them a better part of their marriage working to get the neighbouring town to accept them, and that they would not eat any animals, or attack any berry salesman who happened by. Poor Mama Bear had baked countless Molasses cookies that first month, leaving them on each neighbours’ doorstep in the cover of night- which, they both would chuckle about years later, was not the best decision; who would not be scared if a bear was lurking outside their door, even with warm cookies in hand? Why, with the death of the Goldilocks girl, Mama Bear may have to step down from the School Board. All that work she put in to have their policy amended to redefine Mammals as to specifically include the family Ursudae. Papa Bear lit his pipe as he watched his beautiful family devour the last of the nosy, blonde girl, and wondered where they could bury her bones; if they had enough pepper to spread around their house as to hide her scent from the hounds, and whether, now that Baby Bear had tasted meat, his Vegetarian boy was going to get the Blood Lust.  Mama, finished, wiped her face on her apron, and when Papa looked to her she averted her eyes. Baby Bear, now, leaning against his chair, breathing heavy, looking like it was time for a nap. Papa soaked in this moment, this little moment that would embed itself in their Psyche for the rest of their natural lives. If they had shot the intruder with a gun they bought at Walmart he would have nothing to worry about, those same guns that the trigger happy drunk teens from the next village over use to kill other bears, and other deers, and the rest of the animals in the forest. Papa Bear harumph, he thought, when Mama and he boarded the steam ship from Norway they said America was the land of opportunity, but regardless of what his T4 looked like he was still a Caniform among the Hominid Clades.

James C.