One paragraph story... June 2- PM edition

Driving for 15 hours, married for 17, and stopping only long enough to fill up the tank of our 1967 Volkswagen Beetle, powder blue, we finally had our first fight, coming in to Medicine Hat. She wanted to stop in Dunmore where she had a cousin she hadn't seen since she was 13. Me, I didn't want to stay at his place since he was the first guy she had ever kissed and who knows what kind of designs he still had on her… or her him. I admit I was being silly, but aside from the fact the police chase was turning in to a full on manhunt, I just couldn't stand the chance of losing my one true love regardless of my jealousy. I agreed with her that she was mature for a 15 year old and capable of making her own decisions, but she would understand when she 45 like me, that in this case she had to understand for our love to prosper we needed to never talk to our families again.

James C.