One paragraph story... June 3- AM edition

He was a Mama’s boy. That’s what the other kids called him. It didn't help that he was different from them, but his Mom had to go and baby him like some kindergartener. He was 11 for crying out loud. He had been in the double digits for almost 2 years now. All the other kids got to play baseball, shoot bow and arrows, cut wood, swim, and he was only allowed to sit on the sideline and watch. All he wanted to do was be like them, and every time he tried to join in some Counsellor would stop him, or his Mom would race over to him and hug him like some feeble animal, and then the other campers would make fun of him. So, after all the kids had gone to sleep, and the Camp Counsellors had finished their last check, he snuck out in his swim trunks. He dipped a toe in, it was cold, but from this day forward cold would be the feeling of freedom. Taking in one giant gulp air dressed as courage, Jason Voorhees jumped in the waters of Crystal Lake and sank like a stone.

James C.