One paragraph story... June 3- PM edition

You know what I hate about Diane? Everything. She’s so stupid. The way she just sits there in class playing with her hair and stuff. Or the way her voice sounds when she is reading from the book we’re studying in English, all soft, and lilty. Once I saw her in a bikini last Summer and she was so beautiful I almost threw up. It gets me so mad. I hate her so much, especially when I see her laughing that big laugh that makes her cheeks glow, and she hugs herself like she’s holding in all the joy in the world. I get even more mad when I think about how much I love her and how the only reason I go to school is so that she will say Hi to me in Science. How I wish I was cool enough to talk to her, how I wish I was good looking enough that she would want to sit next to me at lunch and I could make her laugh. I would totally write her notes and imagine her reading them out loud in that beautiful voice of hers. How one day, when I am older, I will be the man she wants to be with and tell all her friends that she had a crush on me in school just like I do. And then I will be the happiest person in the world. Oh how I hate her right now, though.

James C.