One paragraph story... June 4- AM edition

She placed her hand on Jonathan’s knee only after she told him about Rick. Her thinking was to not confuse the telling of the infidelity with the simple act of affection towards her husband of 11 years. The whole affair lasted all of 23 minutes, and that included the 2 drinks she had from the mini bar, and the fumbling for the condom that was still in his suit pants back pocket for some reason. The taxi ride was 13 minutes, and she cried the whole way; from Gastown to Capital Hill in Burnaby. The cab driver even handed her a tissue from the box on the dash, which she took two more of before the ride was through. She had only ever been with Jonathan and she needed to know what it was like to be with other men. Another man. Someone else, just to be sure. In the cold of the night, the wind slapping through the curtains like it was mad at someone, Jonathan took it all in. He listened. Took note of her not touching him until her story was done, and then, with great ease and deliberation, took her in his arms, and told her he forgave her. And they stayed in each others arms until the sun warmed the room, and the wind rested to a light breeze.

James C.