One paragraph story... June 4- PM edition

The 5 cent piece Brock found between the cracks of the sidewalk in front of the old Eatons building’s Robson side turned out to be lucky. Brock didn't know it was lucky until after his Mother in Law called to say his wife had died. The moment he touched the hopping rabbit commemorative coin, with the nickel worn so smooth that the raised carving was almost gone save for the shape of the back and the tail, and the tip of the single ear, his phone rang and the news of his wife was revealed to him. Whatever Deity that created the lucky coin might not have been happy that the death of a woman, who gave the better part of a loveless marriage to helping Brock develop his dental practice, was the product of the wish, but it was exactly what Brock was thinking about when he noticed the magical piece of metal. Only that morning had he been handed the divorce papers and was expected to give her half his net worth, but only moments before had swallowed a piece of carrot wrong and chocked to death while her own mother, a wheel-chair bound 86, too weak to help, watched on. Brock walked a little taller that afternoon, and whistled a little louder, until he found a jeweller who would frame that 1967 Canadian Nickel so he could put it on the wall in his office next to the first dollar he made.

James C.