One paragraph story... June 6- PM edition

I just wanna get this out of the way: the tree fort was my idea, and it was in my back yard. Derick is gonna tell everyone that it was his idea, and that he came up with it when we were making that dam in the creek by the school, but that is a total lie. Whatever, he was there when it came up when we discovered all that wood, sure- but I was the one that actually said out loud what we should make a fort out of the stuff. I mean, you know- my backyard has those perfect trees in a triangle and well, everyone knows. Really great spot. My brother Frank put 2 hammock things there when he was still living at home and we’d hang out and talk about Star Wars all the time. Well until he got a girlfriend, then he hung out with her all the time. At any rate, this isn't about the tree fort is it? You want to know who found the body. Well, that actually was Derick. He lifted the plywood and then dropped it and he threw up. I didn't throw up, and neither the Joe, and Steven, and Jocko, but Derick threw up. No, I know I shouldn't laugh, but I just hate Derick so much. That fort was my idea.

James C.