One paragraph story... June 7- AM edition

He told me to call him, Mr. Black. His cool blue eyes were intoxicating and locked on to me like the cold of a vice. I smiled inwardly when he asked me to remove my jacket. This was my first day as Mr. Blacks assistant and it was already going so well I could feel my legs shiver. Could it be that only yesterday I sat across from him at this very desk, late, begging for him to give me a chance. Reluctantly he agreed and I promised I would do anything he asked. And here I was setting the silver plated coffee tray on his side table lost in his stare like I was an embarrassed teenager crushing on her teacher. I did not protest his demand and silkily slid my blood red suit jacket off my trembling shoulders letting it fall to my feet. He looked me over and nodded. I somehow knew I was to remove my shirt and instantly I could feel my nipples harden. All the while he sat there; his face hard to read; his expression blank, and yet I was feeling closer to him than I had felt for all the boys I had ever been near; and I call them boys for none had ever commanded my attention like this man had in the mere moments. Like electricity. I was drawn to him and he could do anything he pleased to me, and I would never question. Drawing my shirt over my shoulders, the silk brushed along my skin, I could feel it's sheer smoothness dance along the goose flesh that peppered my body. Mr. Black briskly stood; I was ready to learn of the extreme joys and enticing pains he could bestow on my welcoming body. He took me in his arms like a knight home from war, full with passion and fire. Our lips touch, and we melt in to each other. Eternally I would be changed by this man. Forever I would compare all other lovers to this daring, honest man whose kiss and embrace was already engulfing, and more grand in seconds than all the loves I had known before. What will I learn from him, I dare not guess, but I was his… forever.

James C.