One paragraph story... June 16- PM edition

He had the dream on a Monday. In the dream, Roy Scheider, of all people, sat at the end of James’ bed and told him that the world was coming to an end. He told James that God sent him to tell him that it would happen in three days, and the only place that would be safe was a parcel of land in the Fraser Canyon. Roy gave the address of a house that was for rent, that was set away from everyone, where James would bring his closest friends to outlast the Cleanse. He woke crying, great, deep wails of sadness overcame him. Why him? He had never followed any religion, never really believed in anything besides the healing power of Star Wars, yet he truly did believe that the world was ending. The list of those who he wanted to bring was moderate in length, and he settled on the argument: 'What have you got to lose?' The conversations were pleasant, with an underlying sense of confusion and pity. In the end, with an eye of apprehension, his family and friends all took the time off work. For at worst: the world ends, and at best: a nice vacation. It took most of the money from his bank account, but the van he’d rented was full with all manner of food. Enough to last a month, mostly canned, anything that could last beyond a power failure. Their first day there, with only one day left before The End, was enjoyable, but reserved, everyone worrying not to say out loud how strange the whole thing was. On the last day, they ate a large breakfast; Bacon, Eggs, Pancakes, Waffles, Sausage, Ham, whipped butter. With full stomachs they were set at ease, and as the sky darkened, they spent the day in the field talking about the past, and what they would miss. Just after midnight, on the horizon, the sky opened up, and shapes fell through shafts of light. The group held hands, and grew silent, they were witnessing the end of times. Each hoping upon hope, that the New World created by these friends, would be a better one.

James C.