One paragraph story... June 19- PM edition

All I noticed was the silence. It was as if the birds, and the dogs, and the whole world, just went quiet for what seemed like forever. I remember climbing out of the window of my car. I remember the glass cutting my knees, but not the blood in my eyes. I thought it was tears. I thought the blood dripping from my forehead was water from a rain I might have missed. There were tissues in my purse, I remember that, and went back to my car for them. It wasn’t in the front seat, I was sure that was where I left it, but it wasn’t there. It must have been, because I could see my compact, and eyeliner on the carpet. MAC, almost didn't seem them, for the dark carpet, but the glass particles highlighted it. Looking around I didn't recognize the neighbourhood. I wasn’t sure if I had ever been on this street before. A man asked me a question, if I was hurt. I waved him off, I remember turning away, smoothing out my dress, the blood on my hands smearing along the silk. I tried to wipe the blood away, but more red was added. A woman was crying, wailing- it wasn’t a woman, the police came. I remember thinking, Why are the police here? More people arrived, a policeman put a blanket over my shoulders and led me to the curb. That was when I saw the other car. Blue, almost turquoise. Why was the door off its hinge? A man on the ground, half in and out. Strange. I pulled out my phone to text my husband. Tell him I am lost. The messaging app was already open, the start of a sentence already in the box. “C U Soon. Lo” Unfinished? Unfinished. I never finished the text. Why didn't I finish the text?

James C.