One paragraph story... June 24- PM edition

Archie broke the silent observation of the strange shape by coughing out a simple, ‘Nope.’ This broke the trance the rest of the Halloween Kids were under and they all turned and scrambled back down the hall to the main part of the basement. And when they got to that particular opening it was not the area where they had fallen, but the child’s bedroom, again. This time the shape on the bad was sitting up. The kids turned again and ran the other way and, again, were at the door of the bedroom, and again, the shape had moved. Closer. On it’s feet. The abrupt stop of the scared children caused Archie to fall forward into the room. He wavered and instinctively reached out, grabbing the sheet that was on the shape. The sheet dragged across what Archie would describe later as a human body, but once removed was no body whatsoever. Archie scrambled from the floor to the the reaching fingers of Becka and pushed through to leave the room, down the hallway. This time they found themselves coming through the front door, face to face with the staircase. The kids quickly turned to see that the door, which closed behind them, then melted to flat wall. Their escape once again blocked. Solomé, ‘Should we smash a window?’ Jack stood forward, volunteered, walked into the living room to their right, and took a dusty book off the floor. The large window looked out to the path they walked up to get in the house, it was raining, and uninviting. Jack threw the book of the collected Robert Service poems at the window. It hit true, went right through the glass as if it was water, and was noticed by Peter moments later hurling down from the second floor, landing at the base of the stairs. Wet.

James C.