One paragraph story... June 25- PM edition

Archie, “Let’s just look at this rationally.

“You mean, like, a book went through a window and then totally fell down the stairs? said Solomé.

“Well, obviously it was a system of pulleys and chutes, that it just slipped up? Yeah, something like that.” said Archie.

Jack, “Gang, I am looking out the window, right now. There is no pulley thingie or whatever.”

Peter tried to speak, but was interrupted by Becka.

“Guys! that window was not a window when we came in. This whole place had boards on the windows. On. The. Windows.”

“Yeah,” said Jack. “There was woody stuff all over the place. What gives?”

Solomé, “What gives is we’re stuck in a ghost house and we’re all gonna die, and stuff.”

“We are not going to all die, and stuff.” said Archie, “We’re kids. Kids don’t die.”

Peter tried to speak, again, and interrupted, again.

“Kids die all the time, Archie.”

Archie, “Fine, kids die all the time, Peter. It’s raining dead kids everywhere. The streets are paved with dead kids.

“A street paved with dead kids. Wow.” said Becka.

Finally Peter spoke up, “I didn't say anything.” pointing to the corner. “She did.”

Becka reached for Archie’s hand, “I think I am scared, again.” Archie nodded.

This was when Solomé, who had reached a point of exhaustion, calmly, and with great precision, as if she was in a kindergarten class talking to a crying child., said, “What is it that you want, little girl?”

The little girl, the shape, the voice of the house, lifted her head to look in Solomé’s eyes, then looked in the eyes of all the kids. The room became warmer. The rain outside the window cleared up. “I just want to play with someone.”

“Well,” said Peter. “You got a shitty way of asking.” And he slapped his hands over his mouth. Shocked that he swore, and even more shocked that he swore at a ghost. The Halloween Kids tensed up for something bad to happen…


James C.