One paragraph story... June 26- AM edition

The conversation began, as most do, about Star Wars, and then moved through habitual topics until it landing on Superheroes. Parnelle took her usual view that no one can actually fly; the scientific approach being that humans have no wings, they have no feathers; dead weight. Leap a tall building, sure. Fly. No way. Reggie felt otherwise. His argument was that one could use their mind to manipulate the molecules around themselves, and effectively, swim through the air. She laughed, saying even if that could work, which no one had ever done! No can do it, so whatever. This was when it got good, he held up a finger to stop her from talking as a teacher would, hush a noisy student, and whether it was his love for her, or his welled-up annoyance that she could not see it was possible, he rose from the earth. First his heels, then his toes. His clothes flitted and rustled like wind was moving across them. He rose until his feet were Parnelle’s eye level, and Reggie looked down at her hoping his face resembled a smirking cockiness, and not shock and fear. She stepped up on the picnic table, and reached to touch him. As she got closer to him her fingers felt like tiny, centipede legs were tickling along her skin. Inching closer to Reggie he moved away. He shrugged, and spread his hands in a kind of butterfly around chest level. His first thought was about what his Superhero name might be. He thought about business names for when he charged people money for his services: 'Superhero: Cheap'. He wished he had the engagement ring he had bought months ago, because damn this would make for a great story. And as he rose higher into the sky the air grew colder and less windy. Parnelle a tiny dot, now, in the middle of Stanley Park. Reggie marvelled that he really could see his house from here, until his most urgent thought came to him fast: How was he going to get back down.

James C.