One paragraph story... June 26- PM edition

The room was so silent the Halloween Kids could hear the mice scurrying in the halls, and the boards creaking from the wind. Only Peter stood without fear, chest puffed up, and hands at his sides, clenched. Even the ghost girl appeared to be thrown off by his comment that she was being rude. He then said to her, “I’m tired. I’m tired of being scared. And I'm tired of whatever you are doing, here. This is no fun.” The shadowy girl blinked her shadowy eyes. He went on, “If you want to play, then just ask. If you want to scare us then can we push this to another day? I didn't get to see Creature from the Black Lagoon, and I would like to just go home and come back another day. Okay!?” The rest of the kids, still in their frozen tableau, watched on. Archie, “Please don’t get us killed.” Peter raised a weary hand to stop him from speaking, and made a face at the spirit girl that told her, ‘Hurry up, and answer.” After a moment the dark melted off her like candle wax and revealed the bright colours of a what would have been an alive child: Pinks, whites, reds. She said, “Fine. That sounds great. Tomorrow then.” and Peter turned to the group, said, “Does that work?” Everyone nodded, then Becka said, “Are we coming back tomorrow to be scared or…” The ghost smiled, “To play silly.” Archie finally spoke up. “Are you a human or a what?” She told them her name was April and she had been trapped here since she got lost on her way back to the spirit world. And then said, “And let me guess, you are The Halloween Kids, right.” Everyone looked at each other and wondered if they should correct her, but like the name so much they grinned and skipped out of the once haunted house, waving and laughing. A new friend was made. But it was not until the Haunting of Miller Bay that they would call upon the help of April to guide them to the In-between in hopes to bring Peter back from the clutches of the Shambling Wraith.

James C.