One paragraph story... June 27- AM edition

Standing at the Crossroads Rusty ‘Nail’ Barnes leaned on his guitar case and flipped a coin. The Devil was late and he was having second thoughts. Heads he head back to Macon and pursue the exciting opportunities of construction, Tails he stay another twenty minutes. A car from the 380, brought him out of his daze, a Fiat. Flat black, flames on the side; playing Alanis Morissette. Rusty didn't recognize the song, but knew the voice. Driver’s door opened and the balding, lanky man, stepped out, leaning on the top of the car, holding a clip board. He stuttered, “M-M-Mr. Barnes. R-R-Rusty Barnes?” Rusty nodded. “I’m-m-m The D-D-Devil. Sorry I’m-m-m late. I mis-read-d-d the d-d-directions.” Rusty asked if The Devil needed to hear him play. “N-N-No matter. I w-w-w- Fuck! This St-st-stutter.” And flames spit out from his eyes, and ears; his Skull glowed from within. The Devil took a breath, closed his eyes. “I apologize, I stutter when stressed. No need to hear you play, when you sign, in blood, this contract you will be as great as Jesse Tobias.” The Devil, noticing Rusty’s wariness, added, “If not better. Who knows with these things.” But what Lucifer was mistaking for disappointment was Rusty’s subdued excitement. Tobias, the musical arranger of the classic episode of Buffy, ‘Once More with Feeling.” It’s why he took up guitar in the first place, to create the greatest Firefly musical the world will ever see. He would be Wash, of course, and Fillion would reprise his role as the affable, yet stern Captain Reynolds. Plucking his finger with a pin, he signed the papers and the first song’s chorus was already alive in his left brain. Little did he know that he would lose his soul twice; once working with the uncreative Producers of the film industry, and finally when he dies in his basement surrounded by hard-living women he will meet at a Judy Garland tribute show on Sunset Strip.

James C.