One paragraph story... June 27- PM edition

“I choose to fight for you,” David said, “Please let me fight for you.”


    And the time was slow and the air through the window blew the curtains and the last of the sun had hid itself away until tomorrow. They sat there. It was not a silence like a nothingness, or an emptiness, it was silent consideration, the energy of their minds working through the whole of what David just said. She wanted to cry- she wanted to lash out at him, and call him selfish, silly and that this only worked in the movies but she thought it may be in the movies but that didn't mean that it was not some thing that could happen. She wanted to take him and shake him just enough so that he would get these foolish thoughts out of his head. She had made her decision and chose to try and fix her old relationship and she knew it would be hard but in life you sometimes make decisions that can be painful. She had chosen because she had worried that she may look back on her life and regret it. She wanted him to keep talking so she could figure this out. Was this something she was supposed to figure out? Was she supposed to just let him try. But since she had made her choice does that mean she should break off her contact with David altogether? That is what you did when you were with someone and another someone makes a pass at you- you say thank you, No and then go on your way. Why was she fighting this? Did she feel unworthy? Maybe. No not completely- not really. Was one person any better than the other- no that was not it either. What was she scared of? Was she scared? And the silence went on and they both looked at the walls and the bedspread and their hands and the cat that passed through and then at each other's eyes until she reached out and took David’s glasses off his face and smiled. Looked in his eyes and said:

James C.