One paragraph story... June 28- PM edition

Archie ‘Jughead’ Randolf was taking his time coming home from school. In  his bag, like a hot potato, was the note from his teacher that he had detention for the next two weeks because he was caught fighting Jeremy Watts. Although he was fighting him because he was picking on Tuco, Mrs. Morrison didn’t seem to care. The long way was past Army Boots’ house, and through the swamp behind his house. This is where he found the Time Machine. It was about the size of the hilt of a sword and had a few buttons on it; it was metal, with droplets of red on it. He didn't know it was a Time Machine at first; it just looked like a Lightsaber. So he hit a random button and was about to mock-slice through a felled tree when the thing asked in a soothing, woman’s voice where in time he would like to go. Without thinking he said, “Before today started.” And through colours that looked as if millions of paint cans were pouring their contents at his head, he popped out in the same spot but the preceding day. His watch chimed midnight, large drops of rain slipped off tree branches. His Yesterday Archie would be reading a Tales form the Crypt under his blankets, but Tomorrow Archie was outside in the magic of night. Where Monsters lurk, and Witches boil children. Where bats become Vampires, and Jason machete’d campers. This was the time to run like a Lost Boy. Howl at the inky sky and own it for every child. His muscles clenched to move, but he was stuck in something. His right foot was stuck inside a dead Raccoon, that must have wandered by yesterday at this time when he was not here. Hitting his head on a stone, he fell into the swamp sunk, raccoon and all, sinking to the bottom of the dark pool of water, and would not be found for another ten years when someone wanted to build a house in the area. The Time Machine bounced off the log he had originally planned to slice and the woods grew silent.

James C.