One paragraph story... June 8- PM edition

No one could agree on who came up with the name ‘The Halloween Kids’, except that it happened on the same day they were all cornered by that jerk William Watts in the alley behind the Scotia Bank. Looking back the part of the story that bothered them the most was how the odds were completely in their favour: 5 to 1. Yet, none of them, despite there being some of the smartest kids in class huddled together handing their matinee movie money over to William. They considered the whole thing a success, though, with only Jack getting a punch in the chest. Sure, it winded him, but his pride was already so low from past altercations that it barely phased him. The long and the short of it was; had William not found them coming out of the comic shop; had they not turned up 3rd street instead of heading straight along 2nd Avenue; had Peter not remembered that the new Stephen King book was out, then maybe they never would have missed seeing Creature From the Black Lagoon and, instead, bused all the way back to Peter’s place on Crestview. This was when they all thought, for a laugh, they would check out the abandoned house at the centre of the crescent. They hadn’t stepped more than a few feet in the front foyer before they found The Shadow of Rosey DeMille.

James C.