One paragraph story... June 9- PM edition

In the foyer of the abandoned house, Jack, Peter, Becka, Archie, and Solomé, screwed their nerves to the proverbial sticking plate before investigating the shadow that skittered across the walls yet no obvious light source was apparent. Jack stood in front of the soon to be title ‘Halloween Kids’ like a hero stepping forward to face a dragon, which after losing face in front of Solomé earlier in the alley, he was hoping to gain back a few points of Charisma in his favour. Above them came a light shuffling almost like several styrofoam cups being blown across the floor. The gang jumped, including Jack, and Becka spoke first, “Perhaps if we came back tomorrow with flashlights, and weapons, or didn’t, actually, come back tomorrow, we would sleep a lot better tonight.” And Archie, who didn't actually go to Kanata elementary with the rest of the gang, but met them through the Comic Shop, said, “I know I’ll sleep tickity-boo if we just get out of this alive.” After the lot of them nodded in agreement, in the collected silence of the oppressive broken light of the Crestview house, without saying a word ‘The Halloween Kids’ backed towards the front door, but the front door was not there anymore. Just a wall, and written in what looked like fresh blood: ‘Rosey Demille says Hi’. Solomé began to cry.

James C.