One paragraph story... June 30

I run. I run. The gate was open. I looked. I ran. The street hard on my feet. I run on grass. I run. Wind flaps my ears. I run more. A can full with smell. I stop. I sniff it. Food. Other dogs. Some car. I eat something. It is good, but I want to run more. I dig my feet in the ground and pounce to the side. I run. I run. I stop. A cat. It bends in the middle, tail in the sky. It is mad at me. I just want to play. I bend forward, paws outstretched. I bark. It scratches at me. I jump back. I try again. It twists its back end the the side and swipes at me again. I jump sideways and give up. The cat-thing swipes three fast snaps at me and does that hissing thing. I give up and bark at it over my shoulder, and I run. I run. I see water. Humans sit with sticks and strings. I walk to one, he swats at me. I just want a pat. My head is itchy. I need a scritch. They wave their hand at me, squint their eyes. I am sad now. No one wants to play. I am free, and alone. One human throws their string in the water, I jump. Water is nice. Splash. The humans yell at me. They don’t want to play. They want to sit. I jump in the water, once more. And one human throws a rock at me. It misses and splashes more. I am sad. I am scared. I bite at one. I miss. They are yelling more. They surround me. Two men come down. One has a stick with a rope at the end. It slips on my neck. I jump. I bite. I am so scared. They put me in a cage. I just left a cage. I bark. I snarl. Where am I going? I hope there is more fun to do. I am not having fun. Why is everyone so mad at me? I sleep. I sleep.

James C.