One paragraph story... June 10- AM edition

My Love, Happy Anniversary. I want to tell you I would love you forever, lasso the moon, and all other manner of love-sick cliché, but I can’t bring myself to say such exaggerations. To tell you I would climb the tallest mountain seems like I would be lying, for, I feel, to tell you I love you for who you are today has more truth and heart to it than any nonsensical harlequinesque embellishment. I look forward to learning to love you every day as if it were the first time. People grow; our tastes mature, and to ask someone to never change is asking the one you love to lie. My passion for you is for your mind; how it wonders so freely about our lives, the child-like amazement in things as simple as flowers growing in sidewalk cracks. I want to evolve with you. I want lazy Sunday mornings of naps and reading, then spirited discussions about political agendas, or who shot first; Han or Greedo. Well, it was Han, and it will always be Han, but you know that already. I know you’re not into Star Wars like I am, but you have to know that Greedo never shot, right? That the Special Editions don’t count, and the only canon is the movies, the 3 Han Solo books, the 3 Lando books, and The Splinter of the Mind’s Eye. I know you’re not dumb. I didn't just fall in love with some fool who wouldn't know all this, did I? And why don’t you like Star Wars? What’s wrong with it? It has all the makings for a great epic, good vs evil; heroism; redemption. Actually, it’s really silly how you wont even watch them with me, not even on May the 4th. This whole relationship does seem to not be working well, anyway? You feel that don’t you? I’ve been feeling it for some time now. Maybe we should just end it. Yes, that seems the right thing to do. I will always remember the good times, but I can't recall, right now, when those were. If you need me I will be at Frank’s on his couch until I find a new place. Best, David.


James C.