One paragraph story... June 11- AM edition

One Paragraph Story June continues…


June 11- AM edition


I found this book behind the milk crate of records we bought at that Estate sale in Fairhaven. Remember how amazed we were to find those CCRs and Boney Ms and even a Captain Beefheart? This book must have lodged itself there after the Ikea shelf we drilled in to the wall wrong fell. You brought this home, wanted me to read it. Said you thought i would really like it. How mad you were that it took me almost a year to even take it out and finally open it up; a Sunday evening, right? I never read it then; i pulled it out and placed it next to me but i just couldn't get in to it. Anyway- that was back when i thought i had forever with you. Thought there would be hundreds of Sundays to find a quiet moment to read it. You are gone now and I doubt I could ever read this because it reminds me of how i never tried. I know I should have read it sooner, but I could see in your eyes that if I finished it you would know that I didn't like it and somehow read that we weren't compatible… or I would have felt like that. I did read it, two years too late I suppose, but I did; finished it last night, and whatever, or whoever I was back then, I guess has changed: I loved it. The sad part is I can see, now, why you love it, and why you felt you needed to share it with me. I just wasn’t ready to hear you, then. In the end the hope is that we learn from our relationships along the way, and I wanted you to know that you taught me so much- more, even, as I begin to look back and piece it all together. Thank you for trying. Perhaps one day I will turn out to be the man you’d hoped I would become.


James C.