One paragraph story... June 11- PM edition

The fall would not have bothered Jack so much had he done it alone, but the four other bodies landing on him was enough to cause a pain of such intense ache that he was the second of the Halloween Kids to cry that day. Archie had planned to cry- when he hit the concrete, his first thought was that he was going to cry and maybe he would wake himself up in his own room, and maybe his mother would come in and tell him he had a bad dream, but hearing Jack cry made him forget his plan, and ask Jack what happened. Jack whimpered that he thought he might have broken his ankle. Solomé took a breath in, and opened her mouth to say something innocuous like, ‘Oh No.’ or ‘Heaven forbid.’ but no words came out. She only stared at the light that turned on in the corridor a few feet ahead of them. This was when Becka whispered in a hoarse voice that sounded like gravel scraping on cement, “…little… girl.” The voice of a young girl seemed to come from between the studs in the walls, and down the hallways, and from the door they fell from, vibrating in the very floor the children were clumped on, said, “Come play with me.” The light blinked out and came back on and the girl was gone. Archie regretted not crying when he had the chance. This is when Peter, who suddenly remembered he had other things to do that night, like eat pot roast, or learn quadratic equations, stood up, stepped over the still in pain Jack, crossed the room, and disappeared around the corner like he was just poping out for a pee. Archie looked at Solomé, Solomé looked at Jack, Becka looked at Archie, and none of them moved. In the cold basement of the abandoned Crestview house, Peter broke the silence and said, “Oh my God.”


James C.