One paragraph story... June 13- AM edition

It couldn't have been longer than 20 minutes into the magic carpet ride when, Beatrice, the middle child of the Foxaul Children, came to the realization she needed to use the lavatory. She adjusted her position in hopes her bladder would settle enough that the miraculous, yet oddly smooth, ride would be devoid of accidents- life threatening or otherwise. Jack, the youngest Foxaul child, gave a poke to her arm after her light jostling seemed to cause confusion to his own balance. Upon flitting through a cloud her glasses perspired and between droplets steam spread. She wished to wipe them off, to see this wonderful journey, but her dress was replete with water that had not yet soaked through, but still cloaked her with chills. She wasn't sure the protocol in requesting the Gorfaloo to stop. Its floating head faced forward, leading the children to the forgotten castle of Ortranto, periodically shaking the wet from it's knotted, yarn-like hair. Without any formal etiquette lessons in the school of faery, Beatrice chose to raise a hand as if she was in school and a particular problem in Maths was vexing her. The Gorfaloo spoke as if it could read her mind, and perhaps it could, “The thing about these trips- when it's cloudy-  you just can't tell how long you got. Am I right? Does anyone need to pee? I should have asked earlier, but you know? We were all too excited to battle Renfrew the Subtle.” Reggie, the eldest by almost 3 years, affirmed his need to visit a comfort station, and Jack jumped in with his own agreement. The Gorfaloo said “And you Beatrice? I think there is a 7-11 down there somewhere. There always is, really." Beatrice said, “I suppose I might go if we stopped.” “Great," said the Gorfaloo, “I think we should all get Slurpees, as well- you know, just in case we die." As the magic carpet dove towards the streets the children were clearly not as excited as before they began the adventure.

James C.