One paragraph story.. July 11 edition

The science behind wishing to be taller came as a violent surprise to Thom Johnson of Booth junior secondary school. The ripping of the muscles, the breaking of the bones, the tearing of the skin. And the blood. Jesus, the blood. It was buckets. His first mistake wasn't wishing his 5 foot frame was 6 feet and having to endure the awful pain, it was choosing to make the wish in the secluded path behind the houses where he delivered papers. He’d found the lamp when he stepped off the mossy walkway to pee. He’d actually peed on it, but he would never tell anyone about it- just that he found it in the path. He took this path all the time, but most people didn’t use it. Probably hadn’t used the path for longer than he was alive, yet it once was the front entrance to the Williams’ house at the end of it. The street that was put in had caused its usefulness to become apparent. This was why his Mom never found him until he was almost completely healed. When he hadn't come home for dinner, she became worried. And when he didn't turn up by midnight, she had her sisters, and brothers, and the neighbours scouring the area for him. His Mom was crying when she say him, crumpled in the mud, covered in blood. She’d thought he was dead. As she cradled him, and called his name out out to the trees, Thom opened his eyes and said, “Am I man, now?” She laughed and sobbed, and all while the doctors looked him over for any injuries she sat by his side. Thom never let go of the lamp, even when they bathed him. His pride in his height outweighed his pain, and embarrassment. His second wish would have to do with receiving lots of money, somehow. But his third wish was going to be the best, yet he wasn’t even sure why he would need to make it, but his plan was to make the wish at home, when his parents were out. In the bathroom, laying in a tub full of water, he would wish for a longer penis. He winced in anticipation of the pain.

James C.