One paragraph story... July 15 edition

Anthropologist Henry Mayburn was present in the Alps he and his team from the University of Toronto found the perfectly preserved 5000 year old remains of the young lovers. The woman cradles in the arms of the male. Protecting her. After the male had died his slowly dissipating body heat would have perhaps kept her alive a few hours longer. Held in the frozen, yet loving, embrace of her husband she might have been crying as her own inevitable death brought her to her lover. Henry would wake up most nights next to his own lover, Virginia, and reach for her with tears blinding him, praying she was still there. His dreams tormented him, yet he never could recall a fleeting moment. Wrapping his own body around her, one July evening at their rented home in Austria, he whispered to her how he would never leave her. That he would marry her and protect her through all the coming storms- all the way to the next life, and find her there and do the same. They also found the female was with child- assumes 4 months. A boy. An heir, the male would have hoped would be his legacy, but a freak storm removed his name from years of history until a remarkable Spring thaw revealed the doting couple, and secured a more dramatic place in the timeline of humanity; a timeless love. A universal energy causing ripples of couples reigniting their relationships every time the story was read. A reminder that when the practicalities of life cause rifts one should take that moment to love your someone stronger. Holding them for 5000 years in a single moment, like there will never be any more moments left to be had.

James C.