One paragraph story... July 16 edition

James knew the invitation to a party at Olympus was a postal error- meant for his across the street neighbour Medea- but he couldn't resist crashing it. He was off work, he had just beaten Borderlands 2, and he was sick to death of the view from his couch. It said he could bring a plus-one, though he did not bring one; he was already being shifty and didn't want to bring anymore attention to himself. He took a few hundred out of an RRSP and bought a suit from Moores, and a nice white carnation for the button hole. Combed a cowlick into his hair with a delightful flourish and clipped his fingernails, and his toe nails. He spent most of the week pouring over his Greek history, and current events, but steering clear of the mythology in hopes to not offend anyone since the stories might be closer to gossip than fact. After putting an extra two cups of food in the dish of his cat Periwinkle, James took a cab a block south of the place and walked up. It was an empty lot with a building that had broken away and was mostly a single wall and a staircase that wound up to a second floor. He looked around for hidden cameras, and decided to climb the stairs anyway. At the top was nothing, half an arch, crumbled edge broken off to what might have been a dinning room. He took out the card and read it over, held it up to the moon, flipped it over, and through the paper and saw faint letters between the papyrus. A password? He closed his eyes and whispered it. He felt a breath of wind, and through his lids light peaked through. Before he opened them he imagined how great it would be to beat Dionysus at Beer Pong.

James C.