One paragraph story... July 30 editon

The sky is very blue here
You should come
And we can hide from it together

read the note on Miranda's car window the day she was so late for work that she wasn't even sure she should even go in. And besides, they don't even understand what she does there, anyway, so maybe a day without her would show them how integral she really was. The note threw her off, though. She read it again, it still read the same. The hand writing seem flowery like a female, but the 'R's' were alot more harsh than any female she'd seen write in cursive... and how writes in cursive, anymore, anyway? But the note was lovely. And what does it mean? Hide from it? Did it mean hide away, like young lovers. Like the world was an imposition when you are in love, and the best kind of love was just the two of you, alone- outside of the day to day. Or did it just mean this person was a Vampire. She laughed at the very thought, read the note once more, and put it in her pocket. She could feel the paper through her work slacks and it gave her strength. Perhaps she had a secret admirer, perhaps it was a mistake, but either way the drive to work which clocked her arrival almost two hours late, was filled with every great song on the radio that she could sing to. She smiled at every car that passed by, and even gave money to the man at the Cassiar connector. By lunch time she found out everyone thought she was on an outside job, so she took an extra long lunch in the park. Perhaps today would be the day she ask for that raise, until then she marvelled at how blue the sky really was. How blue, she thought. How wonderful, she thought. If only there were someone to hide from it with. She didn't finish her sandwich, and instead played in the sprinkler, then skipped back to the office.

James C.