One paragraph story... July 3 edition

“Well, you see; the key to catching a Giant is you got to understand them. They’re like scared dogs. Think about it. Giants have been around for what? Five Thousand years? Give or take. Five Thou! And back then they ruled the damn earth. They were Gods. And, come on, way bigger than us. Then the human race just kinda decides they are gonna take over things and start to wipe them out. I mean, how much porcelain would it take to make a Giant’s toilet? HaHa. Seriously. So they’ve been hiding. Hiding behind mountains. Hiding AS mountains, for pete's sake. Taking refuge in canyons. Some even choose to hibernate. Why I, HaHa, I swear to God this is true. I come across one of them by sheer accident. Literally tripped over one of their fingers. Just lying there. This was what? In Nunuvet. The Nunuvet area. Most Giants live in Canada these days… and a bit of Russia, but not much there. The vibe you see. Canada’s just a lot more- what? Calm. Let me tell you, it ain't the climate. Giants are cold blooded, you know- because that frame of theirs just can’t make the heat needed to keep them warm, but- well, what can you do. You go where there’s less people. Know what I mean? Hold on. Listen. Nah, nothing. It’s crazy, but they walk like ballerina’s. True story. Lightest step you ever seen. I hate to use the word Dainty but, there you go. Probably comes from a thousand years of tippy toeing past villages and things. It’s a wonder to be seen. Hold on. Yeah, I see him. Just a bit of a head over by that range there. There, he’s got white hair so he kinda blends in. Hand me that Missile. Yeah, thanks. Alright. Hold your breath. This is gonna take some precision. Shhh. Shhh.”

James C.