One paragraph story... July 7 edition

The woman with the conspicuous beard said her name was Beatrice. Picking up a child she said, “There’s too many people on the boat.” A man with a top hat, and a grey beard stood up and raised his cane above his head. “I don’t think so madam.” The woman brandished a hand gun from her slacks, and put it to the child’s head. The child cried. The other women gasped. Quickly pointing the gun at the old man, and then putting it back to the child’s head, she said, “The Titanic is done for, but we made it. Do we all have to die, so close to living.” Another woman with no beard said, “The poor thing, what has the child ever done?” The woman with the gun was shaking now from the wet, “That’s just it. He’s done nothing. We can all still live and work our jobs, and make more children.” The boy began to cry, calling for his Mom. “This kid is a blank slate- he could grow up to be a murderer, we’ll never know.” The group of mostly geriatrics and women turned to each other discussing the topic. Another voice from the back spoke, “Who are you to judge?” Another woman said, “Morals. The fine line is morals. How can we make the decision who lives and dies? Who are we to decide if one of God’s creations has a right to live over another?” The bearded lady pointed the gun at the larger woman, said, “We’re taking on water.” The woman known as Molly said, “Then we shall bail. And we shall bail until we are safe.” The woman eased the child down to the floor and he scrambled to the arms of the throng. Molly reached a hand out to the woman, to take the firearm. She complied, handing the weapon hand gun to her butt first. Molly turned to the crowd and without looking at the woman, and shot her. Her bonnet fell off, and the woman who was clearly a man, slumped against the wood of the bow. And as ‘Nearer, My God, To Thee’ echoed off the still Atlantic water, she said, “Let’s get him cleaned up. We may need something to eat later.”

James C.