One paragraph story... August 11 edition

You are late for work. You get in your car, but before you even leave the parking lot you remember you don’t have your laptop. You double park next to that woman who never says Hi. The one on the 17th floor. You run back in and up to the 20th and grabt the bag, and the coffee you forgot you also made. A police man is pulling up behind you. You wave at him, motioning that you are the owner and you are leaving. You put the bag on the passenger seat, and put the coffee in the middle console. It doesn't fit proper because your phone was in there. It spills on the car seat and you know you burn your leg, but you need to get the car moved, and across town. You forget to signal and the cop honks at you, you shake a haphazard hand at him through the back window and carry on. Morning meeting is your presentation. What was the name of it? You have the Powerpoint set up, but what is the name? The car buzzes at you. The seatbelt sound. You have your seatbelt on. What is that noise then? The laptop on the passenger seat- the pressure sensor. You reach over and push it to the floor. You look up and stop in time to not hit the rear end of a bus. You roll the window down. Maybe the air will smarten you up. Wake you up. You take a moment to move the phone from the cup holder and replace it with the cup. Move the phone to the seat. Check it over. Should be fine. Still on. You wipe it on the upholstery. The bus pulls away and you press the gas. It stops and you hit the break again. What’s it doing? It pulls away again, and pulls into the HOV lane. You see your opening, the car moves forward. Faster. You make the yellow light. You just might make it to work on time. Another light is green. You weave through the intersection around a car that seems to be stopped for some reason. It’s green. Why would they stop. You pull around the car and see the whites of the eyes of the Asian lady, and the boy. You hit the boy. His face breaks the windshield. He bounces away. You break, skid. He lands on the concrete in front of you and your car keeps going. You feel the bump. Like a speed bump. You have both feet on the break now. You come to a stop. The laptop is back on the seat for some reason. You look at the time. You look in the rear view mirror. You think that if you hit the greens you won’t be late. That you might just make it. For that meeting. What was that presentation called, again?

James C.