One paragraph story... August 12 edition

Well, the thing about the Super Moon is, and here is where you will laugh, cuz it is so obvious- but what the thing is about the Super Moon that we’re having is it has the power to make things Super. As in. Superman. or Supergirl. Or if you must, Superdog. You just gotta do the right thing at the right time and you then get Super Powers. I knew a guy, back in Edmonton- jumped off the Manulife on the night of one of these Super Moons and he never made it to the ground. Just sorta flew. I was there- swear to arse- I was there. Watched him jump and then he skidded to a halt about- how tall are you? Five Five? Five six. Well, about your height, and skidded to a stop and then, almost like he was slipping along a ice pond his legs gave out under him and he sailed the 101 for oh, about 4 blocks and then just floated off. I didn't hear from him for almost four years. Gave me a call from Antarctica of all places. Said he just wanted to see the place- meet a Penguin, he said. He did. Mailed me a letter, too- you know, from the post office there. Got it somewhere over on that desk. Remind me to find it for you. Yeah, so the Super Moon. The thing is, it don’t always work, right? Sometimes you’re just not made to be “Super”, and you just fall flat or whatever you happened to be doing to prove your powers- and that’s the shitty part. You have to do something awe-inspiring. You can’t just stand on a park bench and jump off and then fly. Or pick up a car on Super Moon night and be all Super strong. You gotta do something grand and wild. Like, Jimmy- jumping off a building. Or that guy in Sao Paolo who swam with a shark and found out he could breath under water. Me? No- no, I don’t want to find out. I’ve never won a lottery, I live here with my Mom. I don’t have the best of luck as it is. I don’t want to know. But you. Yeah you’ve been doing great this past few year. Everything’s coming up you. You know what I mean. I say go for it. Take a chance. What’s the worst that could happen. Okay, okay. Yeah, the worst is pretty awful. But the best. Man- that’s something. Yeah. That’s something.

James C.