One paragraph story... August 19 edition

When the Super Villains finally disappeared, no one had noticed it had been a gradual regression and not the overnight deal the news outlets tried to sell it as. The Apostle, arch nemesis of The Evictor, and the city of Chicago, released a pre-recorded statement on Twitter. It read, We’ve gone away. We shall not be back. Enjoy your Peace. With an attachment of a picture of a spot that the Superhero Brain, from Toronto deduced was 12.3 Million Light years away in the Solomonite Sector. The world celebrated for days. A Holiday was created; June 24th was Peace Day. And come the following Monday everyone was back to their usual routines. Every Tim Hortons’ had a line of cars across their parking lots. Summer reruns were in full swing, and the latest Transformers opened to record numbers. The SuperHeroes, with nothing much to do, opened shops, and construction companies, or simply retired. Without any Super Villains to fight they were finding time to read more, take up hobbies, and find those families they so desperately wished for, but having had a secret identity made it impossible. People smiled more, children played in parks until dark, Insurance rates went down. But then, in November of that same year, the police departments began releasing their numbers, and they were staggering. With the Villains gone, regular citizens were committing more and more heinous crimes, and larger Citizen’s Brigades were forming. Statisticians, and sociologists were soon reporting that with the loss of the Super Beings the human race was lost; with no Other-Worldly group oppressing them, or protecting them, humanity slowly began to fill a void. They had become too reliant on their altruistic saviours, and the damaging gestures of villains with grand needs to rule the Earth. The chaos went on until Christmas when the reinstated SuperHeroes became over burdened with the day to day policing that a spokesperson was sent to the Solomonite Sector to plead for one, or all, of the Villains to come back and restore balance. On New Years Eve New York was a wasteland, of fire and rubble, and other cities were falling just as fast, but no sign of the Villains. On the other side of the black smoke that marred the once blue sky, the sun beat down and no one knew.

For Mark Guggenheim

Go read Halcyon

James C.