One Paragraph story... August 25 edition

They told you, man. They told you she was bad news. Just using you until the next dupe came along. No, she’s not after your money- although she might take some along the way. No, they say she gets her energy from breaking lovers. Men or Women, don’t matter. I hear, something happened to her when she was younger. Something bad. No, nothing like that- at least I don’t think like that. Maybe that, too- but, no. I hear that Old Scratch got her. Got her when she was in High School. Remember her in High School? Mostly plain then, but with the loveliest green eyes you’d ever seen. I remember those eyes. Yeah. Well, remember when she showed up to school and she was different. Gorgeous- like she is now, but new. Fresh. And her eyes. They lost their- whattayoucallit? Life. They lost their life, man. Up until then she had never dated, never kissed anyone- and that day she was making out with Ryan Morton in the Gym. They dated for a bit, and a few weeks later he lost that light. Remember Ryan was in Basketball, Track, all the girls loved him. Could own anyone, and remember, how he just lost his colour. He had been this- now, I’m not trying to be gay here, but he was this brown that was smooth, and rich. No, shut up, listen. He was this God-like thing, and remember, he looked ashy. That’s what I’m saying, he looked ashy. How do you not remember this? After him was Steve, also in Track. Jonathan. M-dog, Freddie, Jason. And hum, she even went Bi for a bit. And all of them just kinda faded away. Why are you not listening to me. Look here, I’ve been going back all the way to the 80s, going through newspapers, yearbooks. No- I had time off so I took it. Yeah, you got me. She is beautiful. But when you see her tonight, just look her in the eyes. Just look at them, and tell me you don’t see… nothing. Just look. I’ll wait for you. Anything happens, you text me. Call me. Anytime. I’m here. Seriously. You’ll see. I hope.

James C.