One paragraph story... August 7 edition

First things first, kick that chick out, throw some clothes on, and take a run. Quick one, around the block and past the Sports Car babe’s place. It was almost 8am and she would be getting in her car to go to work anytime now. Sure, she was married but if they aren’t happy was he supposed to worry? She was taking a lot longer than usual; it’d been more than a month of passing by in the AM in his shorts and chatting her up, flexing his pecs just a bit as he took off his shirt to ‘cool down’. Just displaying the goods, you know. Why was he so fixated on this dame? He was hot. Hot enough. Older than his usual broads, but something about the way she talked- like she was really there. Like she’d seen so much shit, his shit was no big deal. He threw some coffee on- one cup, wasn’t going to leave any openings for whatsername to think she could stay longer. Moved to the bed room and she was already up. Standing there with a gun on him while she dug threw his dresser. She asked him to sit the fuck down and she’d be gone in a flash. Just point her to the big dosh items, and shut up. He didn't really have any, he didn't need anything, his car, his TV, and his clothes, and the ladies. He was starting to take a shine to her, now. Noticed how she looked in the dress she had been wearing the night before when he picked her up. Come to think of it, she picked him up. He was the mark. He liked her even more. She motioned with the gun for him to move to the living room. His coffee was made, he offered her a cup, asked her her real name. She didn’t answer, just purposefully knocked over the TV. He winced at that. She took his wallet that was on the counter, and took the cup of coffee. She smiled, it was good, she said. And was out the door before she finished saying Thanks. The TV was done for, and his adrenaline was working overtime. Might as well get that run in. No sense losing an opportunity with Mrs. Sports Car. Maybe later he’d pass by the club and see if the lady coffee connoisseur was around- she’d already broken his TV- no where to go but up, now.

James C.