One Paragraph story... September 16 edition

Once upon a time there was a young girl who had lovely parents, but one day her father died and she was left along with her mother. He father was the only one in the family who made money so her mother had to get a job. This left the little girl home alone most days which she was happy about because she had a monster in her closet named Steve who liked to eat balogna sandwiches. Steve the monster asked the little girl to never tell anyone about them and he promised she could play with him everyday. This made the little girl happy, so happy in fact, that she told her best friend on the swings during recess. When she told the monster he became very mad and stormed around the room opening and closing doors, and closets, and dresser drawers with great gusto. This went on most of that afternoon and when her mother came home from work she heard the noise and discovered Steve as he was kicking at the little girl’s toys. The mother screamed, and hit at the monster with broom she conveniently had in her hand as she was sweeping up a potted plant that their cat hat knocked over. He cried and ran inside the closet, and slammed the door. The little girl’s mother told the little girl to leave the house and go to her best friend’s place. The mother then called the police while she waited in her daughter’s bedroom with the dresser pushed against the door. When the police arrive they pulled out their guns and one of them pushed away the obstruction and opened the closet door. Crouched on the floor was Steve, and beside him and beyond him in the inky black of the endless space was more monsters. Some that looked human like Steve, and some that could not even be described. They pushed through the room, the police fired guns, but they did not stop the hoard of monsters. They broke through the wall of the little girl’s room and out the fence and they all trundled and spit, and coughed and growled through the little town until no heart was beating. Then they moved to other towns and opened more closets bring more monsters until finally the whole of the earth was black and burnt and broken and all the people of earth were dead, including the little girl.

James C.