The Website is ALIVE.... it's alive is now the official homepage of The Cold Open-BC and the soon-to-shake-the-world Omega-13.

The Facebook and Twitter page will be updated periodically but the Website is where I will be doing all the heavy lifting.

What to expect before the end of 2013:  

  • My Christmas podcast where I list off my own list of favourite movies to watch at Christmas and only some of them have Santa in them.
  • Interview with the Production Designer of both of the new Star Trek movies, Cowboys & Aliens as well as the upcoming film Tomorrowland.

What to expect in 2014:

  • Interview with Fred Frame who was an AD on my favourite haunted house film of all time The Changeling (staring George C. Scott)
  • The first episode of Omega 13... where we discuss WATERWORLD and you find out why (I don't know why I felt the need to capitalize the whole word)

Pretty exciting stuff... well, for me, anyway.

James C