Matthew Kowalchuk: The Links

The two part interview with Matthew Kowalchuk was great. I think we can all agree. But why then did I not release the links to his films on VIMEO? Well, wait no more. Here they are.
Here is is the trailer for Lawrence & Holloman. Which I have now seen the film three times and really enjoy it even more.


This is the short called Hearing Test, that was filmed while Matthew was in school. Tell me you don't think it deserves to be in the ranks of 70s National Film Board Shorts.


Here is the music video that Matthew directed for the artist David Blair,  You Make Me Okay. Watching this after the interview will give you some perspective on his process.


Now this is a little Jem. Staring The Cigarette Smoking Man William B. Davis, and Medina Hahn. The Janitors.  I could actually see a full on movie here.  Of course Hollywood would have Tom Cruise star in it and there would be a car chase or two and somewhere his daughter would be kidnapped. I would still go.


James C