Independent Art- The Residents

The Residents Documentary is near complete funding but they need a hair more dough.

This is going to feel a bit left of centre for what I plan to do with this site but I feel passionate about this band and wanted to get this out there. The Residents, although mostly famous for their Music are what one would call a collective.  Since the late 60s the group has been creating art, films, and music, as well as being at the forefront of new digital technologies as they came to be. Representatives for Quicktime (even reference in the earliest of MACs), making some of the first Interactive music CDS and games for the new format.

They also made the first music videos with those very shorts are now in the permanent Collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art.

But it was watching the VHS copy of their never-finished feature film Whatever Happened to Vileness Fats that opened my eyes to their world. It affected me in a profound way from opening my eyes to a completely new world of underground music and art to the fact that anyone can just grab a camera and film something. You don't need the millions of dollars that Hollywood claimed you needed. It was about the joy of creating art.

As of this writing the company that is working on the definitive documentary about the group that has been making music for almost 50 years and still, to this day, no one knows who they are. They are completely anonymous. 

If you have a couple bucks and you support the arts make a little Christmas gift to this amazing cause. They have been releasing video updates every week so you will even have some nice videos to flip through.

That address again 

The Theory of Obscurity: a film about The Residents

Information about their history

And if you want to check out some of their videos, 

Live in Oslo 2003

Perfect Love

Thanks for listening

James C