Film Criticism- a review

As I start to write more and more reviews I am plagued with the same thought: What makes a good review?

The art of the Film review was made famous to me by the likes of Siskel & Ebert, Leonard Maltin and, to a lesser extent, Pauline Kael. Their reviews were not simply a "That Sucked" or "That Rocked" but the dissection of the films to their core. 

Film is Art, and as such should be reviewed with a keen eye to the art form itself. Some would argue that as long as a film evokes a feeling then it did its job but I argue that it is easy to throw a crying woman on the screen and cover her up with a lilting orchestral score and have them all balling in the aisles or, Heaven Forbid have a cat jump at the screen and call that Horror.

I found this article from The Chronicle of Higher Education that takes a great look at film criticism as a scholarly position that not everyone with an opinion can consider.

I completely agree with them and In the weeks to come I will be delving deeper in to this with my own articles.

James C- The Cold Open-Bc