Just a bunch of links to sites I got to frequently.

Edgar Allan Poe- The Philosophy of Composition
-Think you might be a tad verbose? Edgar thinks so.

101 Words
-My short stories too short for you? How about 101 word stories?

Grammar Monster
-Ah Grammar. Tired of all the 13 year olds on Reddit making fun of your sentence structure- go here.

Grammer Education Resource Guide
-Another Grammar guide; I am loving this site. Want to know the difference between a definite article and an indefinite? Seriously, super helpful.

Writing Gooder
-Helpful tips on the simple things that get in the way of a great story. So good...er.

Readers & Writers United
-This site is a wonderful link to so much writing, and writing related- uhm- writing. I blush.
-and PS- I was link to in here. So- they clearly have great taste.

Kelsye Nelson: Official Site
-I steal so much information from this lady I should pay her a commission. Check out her Publishing Advice page.